Traditional Signwriting

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

We have always had a passion for lettering and we are proud to offer clients specialist knowledge, value and skill. Melbourne is a beautiful city, with a rich history of quality craftsmanship. It is my pleasure to add to this landscape whilst also conserving our world renowned quality and culture.

For our work we source the best specialist paints and the finest gold leaf, which is mainly hand-beaten in Italy. There are sadly no longer gold beaters left in Melbourne. Our brushes are hand made in England. We avoid using masking or taping in our work, as we believe there is beauty in the makers mark from the brush.

We have a respect for the digital world, and utilize traditional signwriting by incorporating quality fonts and my our bespoke lettering designs. The computer is a vital tool in staying competitive in today’s fast paced market. With the internet connecting the world together, being able to send designs across the world instantly is opening up new routes and opportunities for designers and signwriters.

We offer free quotes and advice on your projects, from a humble house name to divine glass gilding. We deliver competitive prices that can be broken down explaining each stage of the work before starting.


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